Maldives Stock Exchange


The Maldives Stock Exchange was established and operated as an Interim Securities Trading Facility for two years, by the Capital Market Development Authority (CMDA) pursuant to the Maldives Securities Act 2006.

Maldives Stock Exchange Company Pvt. Ltd (MSE) was licensed by CMDA to operate the Maldives Stock Exchange, in January 2008. The Interim Securities Trading Facility operated by CMDA was subsequently transferred to MSE.

Maldives Stock Exchange was incorporated as a private sector exchange, to establish a market mechanism for trading and settlement of securities in the Maldives, as well as to provide a regulatory framework to standardize and monitor persons dealing in securities on the Stock Exchange.

Maldives Securities Depository Company Pvt. Ltd (MSD) was licensed as a subsidiary company of MSE on January 2008, to undertake the function of a Central Depository and clearing settlement function for the Maldives Stock Exchange.


To be a leading private sector institution which contributes to the economic development of the nation.


To provide a liquid secondary market for securities to raise funds and maintain market confidence.

We are committed to improve and develop our services to meet the infinite needs of our unique market

“Our success is linked to the development of the capital market in Maldives, and sustainability of the institution is of strategic importance to the growth of our economy. Expansion of products and services offered by the company will focus on increased financial inclusiveness across local communities, to enhance and strengthen wider market participation.”

Mr. Alau Ali Chairman of Maldives Stock Exchange
Board of Directors
Mr. Alau Ali
Mr. Mohamed Aushan Latheef
Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Mohamed Manih Ahmed
Mr. Hassan Manik
Ms. Aiminath Shamrath
Mr. Abdulla Habeeb
Mr. Chaminda Hegoda
Mr. Ali Shiyam
Senior Management
Ms. Noorbaan Fahmy
Chief Operating Officer / Legal Counsel
Mr. Mujuthaba Moosa
Head of Operations
Ms. Aishath Limya
Head of Business Development
Mr. Ibrahim Haisam
Head of Business Technology
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